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Since Alliance Radiology was founded in 1998 we have steadily grown to meet the radiology needs of our patients and referring clinicians in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area and surrounding communities.

  • AR About 300x200Our practice is comprised of radiologists with many years of experience and we also have newly trained graduates from some of the leading fellowship and residency programs in the country.

  • Alliance has a physician roster comprised of a broad range of sub-specialties, which are predominately fellowship trained.

  • We offer sub-specialty expertise in Musculoskeletal, Body Imaging, Neuroradiology, MRI, Breast Imaging and Diagnosis, and Vascular Intervention.

  • Several fellowship-trained radiologists specializing in advanced imaging techniques permit us to offer expert opinions within our community.

  • Our high level multi-subspecialty knowledge in all areas of radiology allows us to optimize and broaden our physician relationships and deliver all-encompassing high caliber radiology services to our hospitals partners and our patients.

Alliance Radiology also offers teleradiology services to other radiologists, hospitals and referring physicians. Here are some benefits of our teleradiology services:

  • Conveniently helping to balance your workload overflow
  • Improving your daytime productivity
  • Cost effective option for facilities recruiting instead of contracting with locums
  • Reduces film, transportation and clerical costs
  • Radiology solution that is HIPAA compliant 24/7 365 days a year
  • Increased exposure to expertise for rural staff and/or getting second opinion
  • Immediate access of images and diagnostic results, anywhere and anytime
  • We allow facilities to grow business by streamlining the process
  • Competitive pricing and report turnaround time